Jim Christians

Whether you're on a sailboat with Jim Christians for a day or working with him during the sale or purchase of a home or commercial property, the forecast will consistently be the same - smooth sailing ahead.

An avid sailor for many years, Jim sees the parallels between the skills necessary on the water and in real estate.  Jim embraces the challenges that accompany sailing.  Excelling under pressure is something he does just as well as maintaining an even keel when all is running smoothly.  His calm, steady demeanor will work to your advantage on dry land, too, if you choose to place Jim Christians in charge of your home or commercial property transaction.  As a real estate professional who is consistently in the top 5%-10% of Realtors nationally, he's just the person to help you successfully navigate through the details and dead lines.


When you decide it's time for a change, call Jim Christians.  He'll be happy to sit down with you and chart a course for your real estate goals.

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